Methods of taking kratom


Southeast Asians are traditionally viewed as the reference point in matters concerning the usage of kratom. This assertion is based on the fact that the herb does not predominantly grow in other parts of the world in significant amounts as compared to Southeast Asia. Therefore it is consequent that the Asians would possess more knowledge regarding the product than people elsewhere. Such knowledge entails the methods of taking kratom.

Conventionally, different methods have been employed in taking Kratom inclasdkbvjcdbsjfberkjfneruding chewing fresh leaves. However chewing could be quite adverse as many people do not have fresh kratom growing in our backyard or vicinity for that matter. The best option options that are available are the milled powder or dried leaves.

Toss and wash method

This is arguably the most commonly used methods among users. Also, it is the easiest and most efficient method that acquires the best results. However, this technique is applicable for the Kratom powder and not the raw leaves that you could have. Usually, this process begins with measuring the required dosage of the powder and putting it in a cup. Beginners should measure 5-7 grams of kratom powder which is advisable because it is better to start small and work your way up to bigger measurements as you gain more experience. Thereafter you gurgle it and wash it down with your preferred drink.

Kratom and juice

Siaksdvjdsjfvnefklewnfmilar to the preceding method, this is also another easy way of taking kratom. Under this armpit, specialists recommend that you employ the use of acidic juices that are essential in disguising the unpleasant taste. Lime, grapefruit, and lemon are some of the acidic juices that you could use. The mixture of the juice and the kratom powder is stirred in a cup until the powder clumps disappear. You can then drink the mixture comfortably in what is a very quick and advisable technique.

Kratom capsules

There are some users that do not wish to go through the trouble of measuring and mixing kratom as described herein. Therefore, different manufacturers are now in the production of kratom capsules that allow you to attain the effects of kratom without necessarily tasting its natural components. Users have even been creative enough to make their own capsule at the comfort of their homes.